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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

me Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

last shot of the evening Posted by Hello

as evening falls Posted by Hello

at dusk, as the lanterns are lit Posted by Hello

shooting up into the branches Posted by Hello

sunshine in the trees Posted by Hello

bridge through the trees Posted by Hello

the red bridge at the end of my road, this one is for pedestrians only. Posted by Hello

another close up Posted by Hello

more branches over the water Posted by Hello

sushine, water and sakura Posted by Hello

old japan and new Posted by Hello

cherry blossom buskers Posted by Hello

sakura (cherry blossom) stair way on the meguro river Posted by Hello

more thronging tourists Posted by Hello

in case you thought there was no one around to enjoy my neighborhood, here is a shot of the throngs of tourists today (saturday) Posted by Hello

from up above on our local train platform Posted by Hello

the long lantern view Posted by Hello

a bit pinker Posted by Hello

more on the street in my neighborhood Posted by Hello

local buddha Posted by Hello

good distance view Posted by Hello

more at close range Posted by Hello

tree and festival lantern Posted by Hello

walking path Posted by Hello